Value Proposition

Dendro accompanies you in the first step towards sustainability

Our biggest asset is data
Our value proposition is to expedite the transition to sustainability.
Lower cost

Measuring your sustainability is more accessible than ever.

Proactive management

Interactive dashboards with live data to evaluate your strategies at all times.

More precision

By automating data collection we reduce the possibility of errors.

Datos de proveedores y clientes

Your network in one place, consolidating your data in Dendro.


Find out what your industry is doing in environmental matters and get aligned to go even further.

Forecasts and simulations

Choose your mitigation strategy and project your emissions from our platform.


Compensation bond portfolio.

Dendro is for you if:

Necesitas centralizar información de distintas sucursales, áreas o sitios de la misma empresa.
You manage sustainability in companies and you are still relying on thousands of spreadsheets.
You don't know where to start to incorporate sustainability into your business model.
Crees que hay mucho por hacer en materia de calidad, trazabilidad y transparencia de datos en tu organización.
You're constantly chasing people for information, downloading data from different platforms, and juggling to keep it all consistent.
You spend a lot of time on data collection.
Our journey

Start your path to sustainability with Dendro

We expedite the transition to sustainability. We take charge of the complexity of the data and deliver valuable information about your company so that you can focus on taking action efficiently.



Visualize which are the most important points of contamination in your company to manage efficiently.



Elaborate your action plan and project your environmental impacts.



Select your goals for the coming years and plan your long-term sustainability strategy.



Compare your current indicators with other companies in the same industry and project how you will be in the future according to your planned strategy.



Download your data in an orderly manner to prepare sustainability reports according to international standards (SASB, GRI, GHG Protocol, etc).


Flexible proposals that adapt to your needs!

Start your path to sustainability with Dendro
  • Accesibility
  • Basic environmental management
  • Initial sustainability
  • Lectura OCR
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Automate data collection, save time and achieve the highest level of traceability and auditability of your indicators.
  • Scalability
  • Advanced environmental management
  • Accuracy
  • Automation from
    local systems
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Integrate and track complex sustainability strategies on a single platform.
  • Forecasts and simulations
  • IOT technology integration
  • ESG management
  • KPIs Full Package
    for reporting
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