At Dendro we believe in the need to integrate sustainability into business models and in the power of data.

Our objective is to help organizations that also believe in it to visualize the axes where sustainability helps the business.

The future is sustainable, there is no doubt. But the future has arrived and data teaches us how and where to take initiatives to generate the most impactful results, economically, environmentally and socially. 

Sustainable companies have a competitive advantage.

So we set out on a mission to enable businesses to take sustainable, data-driven action to build a future-ready organization and contribute to a better world.


To be catalysts of change, organizing LATAM information and empowering companies to use it to simplify their path to sustainability.


Accelerate the transition to sustainability in LATAM, helping companies to focus on mitigation through the use of technology and data.
Natalia Bottero
Natalia Bottero
Environmental Engineer
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She is an Environmental Engineer specialized in energy and climate change. Its function is to develop calculation methodologies aligned to international standards for Dendro.

Josefina Serrano
Josefina Serrano
Mg Data Analytics
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She is an Economist and a Master in Data Analytics with experience developing technological products in Latin American tech giants. Her technological vision enables the scalability of sustainability and innovation at Dendro.

Pilar Allende
Pilar Allende
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She is an Economist specialized in sustainable business. He worked professionally in Argentina, Spain and the US. Design Dendro's business strategy, supporting the mission, vision and creating the best work team.

We are specialists in sustainability and technology

We love what we do and we do it with passion.

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What's next?

We automate the process of transition to sustainability, it is true. But we are there, together with our clients, at every step.



We analyze each organization that joins Dendro to understand its structure, its objectives and in which stage of sustainability it is. This allows us to tailor the solution to each one.



We help you understand all the necessary concepts to carry out efficient management in your company. We carry out a personalized induction when you start with us, you will also have full access to the video library and the shared resources section.



We will be in constant communication through our newsletter with sustainability news and for being part of the Dendro community you will be able to access success story webinars to replicate good practices in sustainability and spread ideas.



We are interested in your satisfaction. We are available for any query from the same platform.


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