Efficiency for your company, time for the planet.

Accelerate your transition to sustainability with Dendro. Simplify, order and transform your environmental strategy with our technology.

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Why choose Dendro?

Dendro is a comprehensive sustainability solution, at whatever stage you are in today.
With Dendro you can start the path to sustainability in an orderly and efficient way or enhance your current strategy with quality data and traceable information.
  • Connection to various platforms

    ERP and CRM systems, APIs specific to your company, IoT mediators and more.

  • Certified environmental calculation methodology

    With a database of more than 1000 data points for the calculation of contamination.

  • Data Analytics Tools

    To deliver valuable information about how your organization works and what are the environmental impacts.

Collect data

It streamlines the process of data collection and information processing taking into account your entire company.

Calculate indicators

Dendro transforms data into useful sustainability indicators. Design the specific metrics of your company based on its materiality or follow those used in your field according to international standards (SASB, GRI, CDP, etc.).


It allows you to set short- and long-term goals, monitor your environmental performance, and obtain valuable information for decision-making in real time with a live management dashboard.


How do we do it?

Dendro finds the relevant data in your systems, transforms that data into indicators and finally summarizes the information in a living dashboard for management. Access a demo where we will take you through the WebApp platform and show you what Dendro can do for you.
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International Standards

Integrate sustainability with reference to all recognized frameworks, standards and qualifications:

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